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Reduce your stress. Ok, we cant really take your stress away  only you can do that  but we can encourage you to spend a couple of hours doing something just for you.
Leave the guilt behind. Your Bombshell sisters will talk you out of feeling guilty, even if it only lasts as long as the chocolate high.
Be more self-assured. Theres nothing more confidence-building than finding out everyones in the same boat, and maybe youre not drowning as fast as others. After all, misery loves company.
Learn to say NO. Say yes to good friends, good wine and good chocolate, but say No to overextending yourself and taking on tasks that arent really necessary.
Bare your soul. Secrets need airing so they dont eat away at your insides. Your Bombshell Sisters will take them to the grave, and youll be amazed at how you feel when you set them free.

Invite friends who don't know each other. You are the common denominator like Pat is for our group. Sometimes it's easier to say things to complete strangers who have no pre-conceived notions of you. And you'll have the added benefit of creating a new support system.

Wine and chocolate are not required, but are highly recommended. Real food is optional.
Set up an initial meeting to get you started. Have some stories ready to share, and ask your invited guests to do the same.
Try to meet at least once a month. Block it on your Palm or Blackberry as if it is a business meeting.
Come with an open mind. If you're really prepared to shed your mask, amazing things will happen.
Cell phones off! You deserve a couple of hours without the phone ringing. Take a break.
Have fun! It's not always about sharing, often it's about gossiping, or shopping. Use the time the way you need it, so you can leave the Bombshell meeting feeling better than when you arrived.

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