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TURN OFF YOUR CELL (come on, at least for a few minutes)

KICK BACK (yes it is possible)

DISCONNECT (for a moment ...from the kids, husband/partner, employer/job, pets and chores), and take a DEEP breath!
Welcome to the home site. A place where you can unplug, find solace, unwind, have some fun, discover girlfriend getaways, and connect to a community of women like you, who just need a little time-out.

The Bombshell Movement embraces ALL women! Our goal is to empower women so you too can realize that it does not matter where you are from, what you look like or what you do. Most women are all the same, inside. We want the best for those we love but if you find yourself putting the needs of others before your own, guess what? You are not alone!

Being a Bombshell is more about being COURAGEOUS than CURVACEOUS. It's about tackling your fears, and sharing them so that you can deal, release and move forward. It's about putting yourself on the top of your To Do list and sometimes even learning to say "no". It's not about abandoning responsibilities, but rather, figuring out how to go about them without driving yourself crazy! It's about balancing your life.

You can read more about us on the "Who We Are" page, but for now...just know that we are 6 women who decided to really start taking care of ourselves so that we (and those we love) can live happier, healthier lives. That's why we created , a magical, fun and nurturing women's retreat that combines the playful joy of childhood with the healing power of girlfriends.

This is what some campers are telling us about their experiences at :
"The Miami Bombshells taught me that we can do ANYTHING, go ANYWHERE and BE our AUTHENTIC SELVES having our BEST LIFE!! I'm rested, free and ready to rumble Baby!!"
Stephanie Rutledge, age 37, Ocala, FL
"Through the Bombshells and their Camp Bombshell I experienced something that EVERY woman should. The friendships and bonding that you leave Camp with are only one part of the joys that you find. Camp Bombshell is the greatest gift that you can give yourself!"
Connie Haberski, age 46, Buford, Ga.
"The whole Bombshell movement is one of such importance for women that I hope you're able to go global as the world would be a far better place if all ladies out there had a chance to be loved and accepted the way the Miami Bombshells engender."
Kate Lundberg, age 28, N.Y., NY.
"Through the Miami Bombshells and Camp Bombshell, I found my happiness again. I feel joy in my heart!"
Lorelei Walker, age 55, Chattanooga, TN.
"Camp Bombshell has been a catalyst for so much change in my life. When I come here, I feel unconditional love and support. It's just amazing."
Sheri Stahl, 44, Hilton Head Island, S.C.
"Through the Bombshells I realized I have such a long life to live and so many more walls to climb. I can't let little things get me down."
Lindsay Savin, age 16, Aventura, Fla.
So now relax, sip on some wine (or hot tea), grab some chocolate, join our sisterhood of women and enjoy your visit to our little home on the web, where it's all about YOU.
The Miami Bombshells

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